Wednesday, 7 September 2011


After much pain, the door of the past closed behind her and she found herself staring at a new chapter in her life. Although what had been was not to be any more, she felt a smile within. She was free, free from all attachments and obligations, yet longing for more substance than ever. Although she knew nothing about what lay ahead, she had a good feeling about this one. There was a new chapter waiting around the corner, wanting to be lived.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Courage in You

Embrace by the night
I wake up to daylight
I look up to see your face
You smile as you show me grace
I love you more than words can tell
You who carried me through hell
Wiping away every tear
You were always so very near

Embrace by the night
Woken by daylight
My soul finds its voice
Deep within
It's the voice of the heart
That speaks out without fear of the dark
A voice of courage and of soul
A voice you placed inside of me

Embrace by the night
Surrounded by daylight
I wake up to see your face
You smile and show me grace
In all that I have been through
I have always been loved by you
I keep you forever close to my heart
For with you, I have peace even in the dark

Monday, 1 August 2011

The Story of the Tree

He was cut in the middle
He was wounded from the side
He was pierced in the heart
And left in the heat to die

His enemies celebrated victory
Parading on his behalf
The tree was cut and bleeding
It would bother them no more

But they underestimated his presence
Measuring victory by what they could see
For his roots were deep and founded
And He found water where they could see none

And that Tree is forever my hero
For he grew to be wide and lush
Emerging from brittle lowliness
To stretch out for the rest of us

Yes, that tree is forever my hero,
He who suffered in the sun
He brought comfort to the weary
And allow us all to be one

Knowing you

To help you, I must know you
Understand what your heart desires
Find the solution to your problems, not my own.

To know you, I must be with you
Take a moment and just be still, 
even when my own life is calling me.

 To understand you, I must sit down and listen
Find out where you are coming from
And what makes your world so rich in peace

Then I realise that although I came to help you,
You made me stumble upon life quality, 
And so you are the one who helped me.

Take my hand

Take my hand
Let me be small
Lead me through
To the other side
Where the rivers flow
And the flowers grow
Where I don't need to know
What my tears are telling me
Just take my hand
You God of all who understand
Let me small
Without needing to know it all
And take me where
The flowers grow
The rivers flow
Where I can know
That I am loved as I am